Help Me Get My Character Into A Coma



Okay, I need to switch a major scene in the script. My character gets into a accident on a icy road, and I big truck comes and hits him and he gets into a coma. Well guess what... I don't have a budget for that.

So I need ways on how a person would get into a coma. I don't want him shot, cause there is already a shooting in the story. He is a surgeon and healthy, so him having a stroke wouldn't work.

He works at a hospital so maybe something happening to him at work. Hmmm... I dunno. My brain froze.


how about this:

a disgruntled hospital employee with a grudge (or, for more random violence, a mentally disturbed patient) attacks the doctor (during surgery?), severely beating him into the coma.

just an idea off the top of my head.


It doesn't take much to get into a coma, just a hit on the head and in the right spot. Your character could just get in a car accident and hit his head. Or, he could just fall and hit his head -- off a staircase or some other place. The possibilitys are endless, you just have to think of them.


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As has already been said a couple of times, comas are easy, almost too easy - eating a contaminated hamburger - hepatitis - liver damage/failure/coma... Overindulgence in alcohol, took the wrong pill, many possibilities - hey you got a doctor? Ask him/her what a good ailment would be. University medic could as well - why go with ultra violence if that doesn't work for you? Poisons of many kinds will work...bad drugs... hey there have been kids overdoing raves, too much ecstasy, not enough water=coma possibly permanent brain damage.

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