Hello Everyone


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Hi, my name is Nick and I'm *trying to be* a film maker. ;)

Anyway, early next year I'm planning to shoot a five minute short for Campus Movie Fest (www.campusmoviefest.com for info) and I'm trying to get as much pre-planning done as possible as early as possible. I've been pretty pleased with my camera in the past (though its just a basic handheld) but I'm absolutely terrified/concerned/frightened that the sound and light quality is going to fall flat on their faces. So, my question is...

What is the best quality mike and lighting equipment can I get on a college budget (essentially I'm broke, I'm begging for these as Christmas gifts ;P) that will improve the aesthetics of my little film project? Thanks!


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You can go to Home Depot and get flood lights and then buy gels to change the color temperature. It's not the best, but it's definitely the cheapest. You can also use white boards to reflect lights.