Hello Everyone



Good afternoon to everyone. I came about your site while searching for help on putting together a successful production package. So that was what prompted me to join as well.

Just recently a friend of mine and I, along with an extremely small crew finished shooting a fantastic trailer. We want to put together a successful production package now that will allow us to market and get funding for the feature that we want to shoot come the new year. Well even though the director is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago and I was an attendee for 3 years..we never really got an indepth course on what to include in such a package. We're hoping that there may be some people in here who may be able to assist us in either letting us know what we should be including or at least sending us off in the right direction. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. As well we have a pretty decent amount of knowledge in the film making process so please feel free to ask away.