Has Anyone Here Tried this "Free Script Coverage" ?

I have written 4 screenplays and have another 6 or so in the works.

One of my challenges is that when I get script coverage and they
tell me what to fix - I go back and pay again at the same sites
( $75 - $150 )( I have used 6 different providers ) and I don't
get the same person evaluating the script the second time, so
the suggestions from the NEW reviewers indicate it was better
the first time around! FRUSTRATING!

And yes - none of them seem to be able to say what will SELL the script,
so I am wondering if this product is any good?

Clickbank says over 2,000 people have bought it and
like only 2 returns/refunds - which either means the data is wrong
or it's really really good!
Has anyone here tried it?


I just want to see some "for sure real" feedback before I spend $127
and of course I am not looking for SPECULATIONS - if you have not
bought it - please don't post as if you have!

I saw the review in Movie Maker magazine for this site
a few years ago - which was AWESOME, but now it is closed
but advertises the site above.

Thanks to all who can share their ( qualified ) opinion.


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It's my opinion that you should NEVER pay someone to read your script. Using sites like Zoetrope that will do it for free and getting peer reviews is much better. I don't think anything good can come from these script doctoring sites and they all come across as scammy (scam like?) because they have no motivation to do anything but criticize and you have no idea what their credentials or qualifications are to critique.
Thankyou for your feedback.
However I was seeking to know if you purchased "that" product.

But ... I have never heard of Zeotrope - will look - thanks.
But ... are those people qualified to give feedback?
That is - I am starting to see that the people who are
"giving advice" on scripts have mostly never sold one.

Any comments on that?
I mean - a brand new writer obviously can pick up things
from someone who has been writing a long time and has
"general knowledge" - but - if he or she has not sold
a script - there is a point at which your development
as a writer cannot benefit from such advice.

Kim Welch

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Making Money

Making Money

Most of those companies are not any good and Movie Maker sells advertorial advertising. If you look close enough you can find it listed in their rate card. Write, write another, write some more and then when you are really done and can't go on get up and write 5 more stories.
Thanks Kim

Yes, what I was saying is that JUST THE SALES PAGE ITSELF of http://www.self-coverage.com
taught me something of great value
, and that was pointing out
that most ( if not all ) of the people to whom I paid for coverage
services -- had not sold a script -- which is what I want to do
so they are "the blind leading the blind".

But I will tell you I just bought the product "Self Coverage" and
I would have honestly paid well over $500 for this info 2 years ago.
It will change the way I write scripts and also changes my picks
for "my own best" scripts to shop -- because it made me aware
that the ones I don't feel are "good enough" to sell, probably are
( because they have most of what the author calls "commercial
elements" ) and "my best" scripts that have great characters
and plot and such DON'T have the elements for a sale.

At first I was skeptical - I thought this was just another guy
who never sold a script trying to sell ME products about how to
sell a script, but -- I am now totally 100% convinced he has sold
the number of scripts he has claimed to sell...and I will, too.


After reading the ebook, I have an understanding of EXACTLY
the pressure that is on the production company and what they
are looking for - and why - and it is VERY WELL DEFINED in this
ebook and it is TOTALLY LOGICAL. I highly recommend it to all.

I have bought HUNDREDS of dollars worth of books and stuff about screenwriting. This was BY FAR the best value.

Let's just say that I have never been so motivated
because now I have a very well-aimed DIRECTION to go in
with the GOAL in plain sight.