great screenwriter wanted


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i am a student filmmaker looking to direct a piece i have not written. i never did that before and would like to explore that rehlm. The project, dependeing on the quality of the script, will decide the budget status, i myself prefer as minimal financial dependency as possible. i am looking for a drama, a character driven or with a unique story. i lean more towards a dark side character but if not present is fine. a 10 to 15 min short. i enjoy twists and sophisticated dialogue. i enjoy abstraction, and wide range of imagination. thats what i like to make and see on the screen.

if you are a commited writer and would like to know more, email me and send me a sample page of your work, just one page to see what style you do apply to your writing, and give me a brief idea of a concept or the script you have

this is a student project, so i won't be able to afford to BUY a script, but i can gurantee to work hard to get the film in fests.

email me:

thank you.