What do we do here at A Screenwriter's Utopia?
It's simple:

We bring ALL the production companies, literary agents, and indie-producers straight to you in a DAILY E-MAIL. THAT'S RIGHT! No more searching through every single ad, in every city, all while trying to find just ONE writing GIG! Or, better yet, finding a "legitimate" company to sell your project to! It's all right here, in just 1 NEWSLETTERl!!!

What do we promise? Simple:

We promise that every day there will be at least ONE new job lead, whether it be someone looking to hire a writer, someone interested in buying a script, or a new literary management team looking to bring on new writing talent!

You will receive a NEWSLETTER e-mail at least 5 times a week, where we will LIST several writing gigs, companies looking for scripts, and much more!

http://screenwritersutopia.zohosites.com/, ascreenwriterutopia at aol.com