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Hi everyone 😁 I would like to introduce you our graduation film about memories, friendship and healing through some quirky characters and style:
Would love to hear your feedbacks in the youtube comment section. Through instagram you can get in touch with not just me but all of the people involved in the making of this film: Login • Instagram
Thank you so much and hope it's sunny wherever you are!


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Hey @pipou ! I have just watched your animation movie and I couldn't stop the tears from falling at some point. It is very emotional. The graphic is very good, too. I was reminded of my own childhood friend and how I miss him dearly.


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What had happened to Robin? This is a great video. Memories of my college days came flooding back to me. I remembered how I had fun with my friends, how I studied, how I skipped classes, how I prepared for graduation. Those were the best years of my life. In the last year of our studies, no one thought about the upcoming exams, as everyone's thoughts were busy with the graduation night. I remember that we were getting ready for graduation. We ordered the same graduation things at https://evess.co/pages/graduation-attire and the same shoes.
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