Gore effects on Adobe Premier Pro 2.0


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What are some extremely gory/awsome/worth-while effects

i really would like to do some cool stuff like head explosions or "slidey-parts" (e.g. like what happens in resident evil with the lasers, and in final destnation 2 with the barb wire fense, where a part of their body slides off) or just some sort of decapitation


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The closest thing to true DFX work you can do in Adobe PP is using a garbage matte from the effects menu. My advice would be to go into Adobe After Effects, set down a base plate for your background, shoot your action, and then use alter the action layer to merge with the background plate while you adjust your action layer.

A good place to see these effects in action is Video Co-Pilot, hosted by Adobe AE wiz Andrew Kramer. He will take you through all the steps in how-to instructional videos on all sorts of effects work, from exploding heads and body parts, to basic gun blow-back, lightsabers, set extensions, energy balls, integrated 3-D media, and even into Bullet Time effects.