Good Behind the Scene DVD'S


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I usually rent movies just to see the special featurettes and hear the directors comentary on DVD'S. Most movies have bad directors commentary not telling you anyting about how they put it together...which shows how little they put into the actual decision making process. Here's some good movies that have good directors commentary worth renting if you want to find out about the movie business:

1) Roger Doger
2) Speed-special edition version
3) Lost in Translation

I really haven't seen any other good ones, is there any other good behind the secnes features?


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Gladiator Extended Edition

It has the movie disc plus 2 dvds with tons of special features. It covers from when they started working with the idea all the way to post.

It's the best I've seen.


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Most movies by John Boorman: he usually doesn't stop talking until the very end of the credits. Lloyd Kaufman's recent DVDs have feature-length 'making of' documentaries which are often better than the movies and show a lot of the problems that come up when working with inexperienced crews on low budgets.

The director's interview on 'Xtro' was pretty amusing and had some unusual insights into the movie business: 'I needed a job, and all I knew was how to direct movies, so it was either make a movie or work in a 7-11' :).