Getting started, could use advice...


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I'm a new film maker. In September i'll be going to Sheffeild Hallam to study film theory, and doing pratical as extra curicular. I'm being bought a camera for my birthday.

Was just wondering if this is a good first camera.

Its just in my price range and a salesman told me a hard drive camera would be best. But would like some advice from more experienced filmakers. Other suggestions are very welcome.

Was also wondering if my camera, edditing equit or my laptop have to be compatable with the university facilities?


Snowy Rivers

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Your link did not take me to anything specific. (Just Curry's page)

A hard drive camera is probably not a bad way to go.

I am old school and prefer tape still to some of the other mediums.
The new Chip cameras Have my attention but the new Codec (AVCHD) will not allow the use of most editiors without some serious upgrades in the computer and software.

Your laptop may or maynot interface with the schools equipment, depending on the operating system ect.

If you are going to do some serious editing you will need some BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Hard drive space.
A USB Hardrive for storage of video files and project is definately in order.

A simple video in DV of 30 minutes will use possibly 4 gigs of HD space.

I use 3 300 gig drives in my desk top . 1 for the operating system, my editing suite (Vegas) and my burning software and nothing more.
The other 2 drives are for storage of footage and finished (rendered projects)

A USB drive would be a great addition and you can take it off when you need the laptop for other things.

Lots of Ram is good too.

Have fun and good luck