FYI-Another Panasonic Prosumer Possibility.


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I 'd be remiss not to follow up the Panasonic TM900 item with a report of the Panasonic DMC-GH2 dSLR-like (mirror-less) camera with a Four Thirds sensor (and Micro Four Thirds lens mount).

This has:
-Interchangeable lenses
-External stereo mic jack, and think manual gain control.
-Full 24P HD at 24Mbps
-Swing-out LCD.

It's $1000 with a wide-->3x lens. (Lumix G Vario 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6, 28-84mm (35mm equivalent))

I saw some sample images which I was favorably impressed with:
(These were in stark contrast to the "questionable" image quality that I got from the Lumix DMC-FZ100, which I purchased a few months ago and returned, because of that problematic IQ.)

Note: The Micro Four Thirds format appears to be growing. Schneider Kreuznach has just joined the consortium, announced Feb. 4, 2011.
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