Funding for short horror film


skidmark steve

I am collecting money to jumpstart production for a short film I have been working on over the last several months. I am a film major at Bowling Green, and am in need of funding. The money will go towards equipment rentals for the actual production of the film..

The film is a horror short.. It is about a new female college student who rides the bus downtown to see a concert at her bestfriends school. After falling asleep on the 3 hour ride, she awakes just in time for the last stop of the night. Having no money to pay for a hotel, the bus driver offers her to spend the night with him, and he will take her back to her campus next thing tomorrow morning. Eventually, she falls asleep in the strangers home, and wakes up tied down to a chair in the mans basement with a video camera staring her in the eyes...

The film will be entered to various film fests and horror film fests to seek distribution.

Any help is necessary. I am working myself to provide funding, but I am in the need of help from others as well.