Fresh Faced & Starting Out...

Hi guys

My name is David and I am just starting out with screenwriting. I have always been deeply interested in both film and television and saw myself more along the lines of an actor but never had the courage being younger to put myself forward for these things (also the fact that there were not many opportunities where I grew up). I have since learned that the main thing I always loved about my favourite films and television programmes were the characters and the character development and if I couldn't portray those characters perhaps I could create, develop and build the world for these characters to exist in.

I looked into courses on screenwriting but having finished a completely unrelated degree, been travelling and now have a 'sort of' career job (2 more years til qualified), I would not be able to start a course til I am 25 and I think 3 years at BA may give me the basics, but it could also be a waste of 3 important years and £20,000.

I basically wanted to get people's opinions on the route they would take/have taken and whether education is really as important as getting right the initial format and structure of screenwriting that you can learn from tools such as Celtx and putting your experiences and ideas onto paper (or computer).

Thanks guys & I look forward to being part of this community.