Free Stock Footage, Music, and Images


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Can I use this website to upload my own content? :)
Hello Alishia,

Yes, you can always upload your content on our platform and it is quite easy to do. However, to get your content up on the free page, in particular, first you would have to upload content for paid Royalty-Free Stock Video and Music Library | Pond5 and then contact so that they can get you up on this free page. We are working on making that process simpler. Thanks for your interest and hopefully we can see you soon on Pond5 :)


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Free stuff is always awesome! You can even earn money from that afterward. Earning money for your videos is not that hard in today's world. The first source of income could be YouTube if you can make cool videos. A lot of money I made came from there, and that's why I love that website. The only thing you need to look for is not to use copyrighted music, or you're going to have problems.
Another way to make money is to sell your videos to people that are in need. Your stock video footage can be sold for good money. You can get it for free on websites like Crello, make a few adjustments, and sell it to others. Some people are willing to pay a lot of money...
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