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Over the next twelve months I plan to build up a CV which will help me move from making music as a hobby into commercial work.

I can provide work that varies from very grand and orchestral to very minimal, in any style required (I have a large pool of musicians and free access to studio).

All music is custom written for specific projects according to the film-makers remit and timescale.

As i'm trying to buld up a CV, there is no charge for my work as I hope that the pieces will be of mutual benefit to both myself and the film-maker.

The way I work is quite straight foward..... You give me a remit, within a few days you will have some short samplers of ideas that fit the feel of what your after, on your approval I will then record full length pieces of music and forward these onto you with confirmation that no payment is required.

I would appreciate credit in the closing titles and any feedback would also be appreciated.