Free Film Distribution


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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted share this info with you. A women owned online & tv network called Hertube Plus is looking to offer free distribution of your film for one year on their platform. They will also help market your show or film by posting to all of their social networks and send out press releases about your show or film being on the new Hertube Plus platform.

There is a deadline for submission of 4/15/15. They are very excited and happy to help you with getting the exposure for your work around the globe.* There is some information that we need from you to add your film to the network.

1. We need your film or show in MP4 format.**We only accept MP4 format
2. The title of your work
3. trailer
4. A three line description
5. Category for your work i.e. drama, romance etc.
6. Artwork for your film or show in jpeg or png* format (artwork should be 980 W x 480 H)

All information should be sent to** Films & Trailers Should Be In MP4 Format any other format will not be accepted.* We can only take a limited number of submissions so please not the deadline of April 15th , 2015*.

*If you receive this after the deadline date of April 15th, please contact Georgette Taylor at before you submit anything to see if this offer is still valid.