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what is the correct format for screenwriting. Is there like a guide everyone uses? can someone post a sample of what is commonly used today?


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The easiest solution is to get hold of a copy of a program like 'Final Draft', or one of the free macro packages that are available for Word or other word processing programs. They'll do most of the formatting work for you so you can concentrate on the story.

Also, frankly, provided it's in basically the right format, if the first few pages of your script grab the reader and the rest of it is great, few people are going to turn it down just because the margins are 1/4 of a inch out or you didn't capitalise the right things.


Screenwriting is fun...

Screenwriting is fun...

Final Draft is very nice,

Final Draft also comes with some short script examples from various screenwriters that give you a feel for flow and structure.
Moviemagic Screenwriter is also very nice, and I believe it’s a little more expensive, but it also has extra features not available in Final Draft.


i used final draft to write my script. its a really great too. even if you are able to write the script just by knowing the format, screenplay software is so much easier.