Foreign working in USA


Hello, I'm a filmmaking student from Argentina. My dream has always been to work in the movie industry but as in my country is not a very developed one, I am planning on trying luck someplace else. As my English is not bad and USA's movie industry is huge I though it'd be a nice place to start but i don't know what's the situation for foreign people with little experience in job hunting. Is it a good idea? Should i try someplace else or first get more experience in my country and then leave?

Kim Welch

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Right now things are slowly coming back to life here in New York City. However, when things are going again I think it's a great place to find work in the entertainment industry.

Roy H. Wagner ASC

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Connections are everything. You must determine the filmmakers you admire and attempt to contact them. Seldom will you get hired beyond a production assistant but the key is to be seen and to make a favorable impression. It can take a long time to move past production assistant. That is a built in part of the process that helps weed out the fully ambitious from those who give up easily. It’s a tough business but if you survive and develop good connections you will begin to grow into the area of expertise you desire.