For Sale ::Canon 8mm Camera + Case/Tele Lens/Exposure Meter/Film::


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Hey, all! I'm selling my Canon Auto Zoom 518. It's a Super 8 camera in great condition.

I'm also including a bunch of extras, such as a bag, tele lens, exposure meter, and four unopened, unused Super 8 cartridges. I'm also including the manuals for most of the components, in case you need some help figuring everything out.

I'm selling it via eBay over here:

This would be an excellent camera to film vintage-style movies with, and with everything I'm including, the only thing you'd need to make a good short is film editing/processing equipment.

This camera really takes my mind back to the great indie films of yesteryear. One of my favorite directors, Sam Raimi, filmed "Within the Woods" (a short test-film he made before "Evil Dead") on an 8mm camera. I am personally fascinated with the indie equipment of the past, and think that 8mm cameras have a certain appealing campiness about them.

Anyways, have a look and put down a bid if you're wanting to make a vintage-style film on a small budget.

Happy bidding!