Final Draft 8 Demo


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I am an aspiring scriptwriter.

I am using Final Draft 8 Demo to write my scripts, as I cannot afford to

purchase the real Final Draft 8 or any older versions.

One of the informational tips in Final Draft 8 Demo states that it has all the functions as the real Final Draft 8, however you cannot save more than 15 pages as watermark will appear on printed pages.

Can I save multiple bundles of 15 pages? Or to be more specific-

If I have a script I want to write using Final Draft 8 Demo, and it is made up of 45 pages- can I divide it over 3 files (each of 15 pages, save and print them without having watermark on printouts?)

Second question: Can I copy the scripts saved in the Final Draft 8 Demo
onto the real Final Draft 8- is there an option for that?