Final Cut Express HD setting for exporting to Youtube?


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Quicktime 6 compatible which is mpeg 4 LAN streaming or Quicktime 7 compatible H.264 for LAN. Anyway you can keep your final project under 100mb for posting on the web usually works.


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Does YouTube have a way to display 16 x 9 properly? I see a lot of distorted vids there. Is there a better solution than letterboxing? Can it properly back-distort anamorphic?

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filmmakerone said:
Does YouTube have a way to display 16 x 9 properly?
In my personal experience the best way to upload a widescreen presentation on YouTube (and LiveVideo) is to letterbox it yourself but with a white background instead of black. The result gives out the impression of a true 16:9 image even if it actually is a 4:3 with white bars on both the top and the bottom. Since YouTube pages have a white background, the white bars visually blend with it.


H.264 is best, as Flash now supports it. Don't be afraid to down the quality to about the middle setting, you'll still get great video quality, and a smaller files size. Set the two upper controls to Auto.

The APTS book "Compressor Quick Reference Guide" is very cheap and super helpful to learn the details quick and easy.