Filmming reflection


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I was on a location, last weekend where, the director wanted to shoot into a car window that was on the floor (car shop) he wanted to film the reflection that was being casted on the glass and then rack focus to a hand holding the glass.

In order to this he measured the distance from the camera to the hand to capture the hand in focus when he shift focus and then he measure the distance from the subject walking to the glass and then added the distance from the glass (hand) to the camera.

Is that accurate? you need to measure the distance from the subject reflected to the mirror and add the distance from the glass to the camera?




This is accurate. When ever you are shooting in a mirror like in a bathroom you want to measure from the film plane to the mirror than from the mirror to the subject. You have to treat the mirror like it keeps going in that direction and not as a reflection. Its easier to measure if you have cloth measuring tape as opposed to a metal one because you can measure to the mirror and than bend it back to the subject and not have to do any mathmatics (especially if you're bad at it lol)