Filmmakers needed!!!


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Heyyy there fellow filmmakers!

We are currently in the process of making our film. Although we've completed pre-production, sorted out locations, actors, equipment everything that is needed. However our estimations for our budget was a little small.

We strongly believe that our film is an up and coming film, that will exceed all expectations! And with your help we will make our target for our budget and YOU guys can get involved with our film, and contribute to a great piece of filmmaking.

Please take the time to look at the following link, and have a look Any contribution to our campaign is much appreciated, with awards and big thanks being handed out to anyone who donates! Even the smallest donation is appreciated, and with your help we can market this film to all festivals and share this story.

Many Thanks!


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Good luck with your movie project. I have currently finished off my first short horror and comedy movie dealing with the aftermath of the apocalypse. Its available online to buy.

Please, by purchasing my movie online, i will have the budget to make my next big movie project. Pvt message if you want to know what that movie may-be

Visit this link and watch the trailer. You may also click "Buy film" or "Rent film" if thats what you want.