Filming Tips for recording phone screens


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Well, I'm sure everyone has been there, they want to record their phones screens because they are about to own these noobs in an FPS or go max DPS and multi combo crits on your phone, mobile device, etc. Well, I've recorded A LOT and I'm providing this tut on how to record stuff off your phones screens.

I've done lot's of recording on multiple devices, screens, cameras and locations.

The topics being covered is the following:
Location, time of day
Camera Settings (SD or HD), tripod or handheld with camera man
Monitoring the footage

Location - whenever you are going to record it, it's good to find a nice, quiet place where you can talk to yourself and to the camera without people barging into your area asking what you are doing. Generally, your room or your house. It's good to find a place where you are comfortable to record several hours of footage. I always use my room since it's the quietest, and everywhere else in the house is a bad place. The location should be large enough so there wouldn't be a lot of echoing in the sound, enough space for the tripod or for the camera operator to move around if needed.

Time of Day - well, I usually do this in the evening, whenever it's dark because during the day, there is a lot of glare on my phone's screen and probably for your screens to. The lighting would be difficult to do so and the glare (again) is really annoying, so I highly recommend recording when it's dark.

Lighting - well, the only light source would be from the screen so it's good to set the brightness of the screen to max, so there would be less noise in the footage.

Camera - any camera will do, but it's good to have a decent one, as in with manual settings so you can set the focus so it doesn't always pulse re-focus whenever the screen goes dark for a second.

Camera settings - I would go for HD where avaliable since of the 3x quality over SD and HD camcorders have better low light than SD cameras. Yet again, set the focus and lock it. Unless the auto focus is really good, few cameras have this. For the shutter speed, since you're filming this in the dark, it's good to set it to 1/30 and you don't need 60 fps, use 24fps if possible, if not stick with 30 fps. For the iris, if you can set it to auto, same with the gain. unless you will set it and lock it if you know the game is bright all of the time.

Tripod - If you have one, USE IT! No one likes watching shaky footage of you operating your camera and your device at the same time. There are several methods of setting it like over your device and you, or beside the table and pointing horizontal to the device.

sound - well you don't need good sound, at all.

Monitoring the footage - use whatever screen or viewfinder you have.

I will add more to this later.


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Huh interesting stuff indeed. I've never really recorded anything that I've done on my phone, but I may try it one of these days. Great tips. ;)