Filming Manatees Underwater


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I am a student working on my thesis, Filmmaking has been a part of my curriculum, however I am at the moment predominantly an ecologist, I am looking at conservation of Manatees, this winter I will be making a short film about manatees and conservation, The in planning, I have run into the issue of being unable to completely figure out how to go about filming the manatees, they are underwater, and I may not be able to swim in front of them or around them to get the shots that I want the entire time.

I have a GoPro, and am able to get other cameras like a cannon 60D or even a different kind of camera by renting it.

I am looking for any advice or ideas that people can give me.

Ive been thinking of trying to make it so that I have a live feed from the camera to some device and can move the camera around underwater from a boat, not sure how that would work, just ideas. I appreciate ideas from anyone.