Filming A Oil Painting Scenes?

Paul Holloway

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I am not begin to film any of these scenes. I am just getting notes for the future production.

In my opening scene and a couple other scenes there is a montage of music as the actor is painting a oil painting on a 8x10 canvas. The actor won't know the first thing about painting but somehow I need to pull off that the actor is painting several scenes in a oil painting montage. Anyone know how to pull this off?


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Do you have to show the actual actor painting? perhaps a get an actual artists stand in and paint from behind. Or maybe you could record the oil painting montage separate and mask it in on After Effects. I think it all relies on what shots you use.



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Have the painter behind the canvas, pretending to paint. Place the camera behind the canvas so you can't actually see her hand painting, because she isn't.

Then get a real painter, and shoot only thier hands painting.

Edit it together to sell the effect.