Film Score Composer!

DJH Composer

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I'm a composer and current student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Music, Commercial Composition and Technology. I've got a very distinctive sound which is has a very wide variety of influences ranging from Danny Elfman through Bach to Dream Theater. My work always incorporates unusual time signatures and rhythmic patterns as well as peculiar harmonies. I pride myself with always trying to be different.
I'm looking for film projects to work on, I'm very versatile composer who wants to work on building my portfolio.


Let me know if you want me to work on your films :)


DJH Composer

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I forgot to mention, I'm only wanting to build my portfolio so I won't charge for music I compose for your project.

Victor Ramirez

If you are looking for a faster way to build your portfolio, why not re-score existing films and post them on YouTube?

There are amazing re-cuts online by editors showing their ability to completely change the feel of a film. My favorite is the Ferris Bueller indie re-cut.

It would be great to show how music, especially yours, can affect a scene.