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I am a film music composer looking for interesting films to score.
I have scored various projects ranging from short films (1-5 minutes) / videogames to feature film (with over two hours of music) - from small-romantic to big-epic and action scenes.

I am always trying to deliver best possible soundtrack - even in a very short amount of time (there is no problem in composing last minute scores / re-scores / etc. ).

Examples of my previous works:
Perfidia - Main Theme (romantic/sad)

Hero's Fall (epic/action)

Unlocking Charlie (romantic/epic)

Thrill (action/drama)

Perfidia - Movie Suite (drama/romantic)

Min Dunya Tanya (drama/romantic)

Rose (suite)

Turning Point - Suite (dark)

Modern Gear (action/sad)

Love Kills - Suite (romantic)

Terminal Velocity (action/dark)

Freerun (action/epic)

Sunshine (romantic/epic)

K.I.A (action/epic)

Shockwave (action)

Feel free to contact me:
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