film kit advice please


Chris Leeds

Hello all,

I am in need of some advice please. I work in photography in house for a small business near Leeds, UK. My boss wants us (me and the other photographer) to get in to doing some short promo videos for the business. Film is quite new to me, so we been dropped in the deep end. We have been given £9,000 budget to buy kit.. 2 Camcorders, lighting, etc.. Any advice on kit would be apprecaited.
I use a 6D mark 2 for the studio photos, would you use this for film also? Or would you purchase something 4K? I like the idea of interchangable lenses on the 6d2 and I have noticed many of the camcorders are fixed lenses. It seems like many of the DSLR's offer 4k video also.. would you go camcorder or DSLR and shoot video? Thanks for reading.