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Indy Film Library provides trusted reviews of independent content, as well as a soapbox for filmmakers with something to say to reach distributors and festivals from.

Having launched this spring we have finally begun publishing reviews with professional feedback on films from the independent industry.

Josh Trett's East Anglian ghost story The Black Shuck plays on ancient primal fears to unnerve its audience, while Eviction explores real life horror of the UK housing crisis, and Trespass provides saturated Argento-esque scares bathed in deepest scarlet.

If you would like to see your work assessed and featured by Indy Film Library, submissions are open now on a number of different platforms. For anyone looking to take their craft to the next level, the high-quality, constructive feedback on offer is something that could see you make the leap from a YouTube up-loader to the festival circuit.

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I like your post format and copy writing. Looks great in the side bar too.
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