Film Distribution | domestic, international and self-distribution


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"Distribution. It’s that golden ticket of filmmaking. For many of us, it’s the reason we submit to film festivals and garner reviews and acclaim in the first place: to find a distributor! We want our movies to be out there in the world, in theaters, on DVD, on Netflix or iTunes or what have you. We want our movies to make money…at least enough to maybe make the next film. For others, of course, distribution is less about income and more about viewership, or even simply about the art, about creating content and telling stories and making those stories widely available. And for others still, it’s about having complete control over the way your film is distributed to the world, rather than handing it off to a distributor or sales agent who may have different interests at heart than the artistic integrity of your film." ~John Klein

Cinematographer John Klein writes about dealing with distribution, as he and his crew has tackled both domestic and international distribution channels as well as self-distribution for the film Chrysalis (

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