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film composer looking to branch out... ideally looking to score for avant garde, experimental and surreal film makers but am interested in many different genres of film making.
disclaimer for film makers, If you´re looking for acoustic and organic music for your film, I exclusively record only acoustic instruments and nothing synthesized. This includes strings and horns. I will not record anything midi, this includes all strings horns etc.

instruments I use include

acoustic guitars, steel string and nylon
hollowbody electric with tube amps
contra bass
gopichand or gopiyantra
other pump organs
drum kit
various home made instruments
bells large and small
the list goes on...

please listen to materials at
echoes still singing limbs

recently done work for the Canadian National film board and independent film makers
contact me at nickkuepfer at gmail dot com

most recent films I´ve been involved with is...
Agent orange - A Canadian Made tragedy

there´s also a link on the right hand side of the page where you can hear the track apart from the film, the link for that is at
belly of the pursuit by echoes still singing limbs

I´m looking for any experience in film scoring at this time so any help in this direction is greatly appreciated.
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