Feature Length Film - Produced at Keuka College


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Hey all,

I've been a long time visitor of the Student Filmmakers site (though haven't posted in the forums) but I wanted to post a feature length amateur film that was produced at a college I used to work at. It's a zombie movie and we were trying to use the actual location of the school, as well as students/faculty/staff as actors and participants as a recruitment tool for the Admissions department. There was basically zero budget for the film, as most of the equipment was college-owned or from an individual. We realize there are obviously issues on all levels with the production, but I wanted to post it for those that may be interested in watching a non-professionally created zombie movie... Hopefully this film can inspire people who are amateur filmmakers (and especially student filmmakers) to go out and initiate projects that are of interest to them - it can be done on zero or small budgets and the results can be satisfying. As I said earlier, there are issues with the movie, but we gained a very satisfying and exciting response to it after the premiere last November. So I'm happy to share it with the rest of the world.

I'd love for those who love zombie films or who just want to see what Keuka was able to do to check out the video. Any feedback is also welcome and appreciated. Thanks