FCP says can't "initilize with video deck



This is cont off the questions in the post production thread. I created

Anyway i discovered that when FCP says can't "initilize with video deck" when i switch tapes or just using FCP. All i had to do was reconnect my fire wire. Such a simple thing. I was stressing and going through the menus and stuff. Anyway now i learned.

1. i use mini DV, i'm assuming DV SP is better. Thats not really a qustion, just saying.

2. Derek Eastham said " #6 - Like I said earlier... never capture 60 minutes all in one file... instead... import the tape in clips... then, if you didn't do it from inside the importing menu, you can organize those clips in your bin afterwards... using whatever method you prefer. "

What if my reel has no time code breaks, is there an easy way to get mutiple clips without me having to sit and watch the whole thing?

Like can i set mutiple ins and outs then have FCP find it. I know i can do that with one clip. I'm guessing you can with the batch clip, but i dont know how to do that.

3. And when i capture footage i should never rewind the footage to try to watch it because that cause the time code to break and i can accidently record over right?

4. i found the stabilize image in FCP and it doesn't work as great as after effect's stabilize footage, i dont know why. I thought FCP is suppose to be god or something. Or maybe i just dont know how to use FCP properly.

Anyway it took 25 min to render this effect. Isn't there a way i can render it in a lower quality just to see how the stabilize filter worked out? Cause it works alright but since the render time is so long i can't really tweak it.

5. How do i find out what birate i'm playing on?

6. i read about connecting things to a smaller tv and stff like that. I have a small TV, i think its a NTSC TV aren't all american tv NTSC? What type of cable do i need to buy to connect this television thingy? Or is there TV that have firewire cables, that would be kinda cool....

I do read the FCP manuel. I'm trying to self teach myself. I think if i learned that basics really well, so then i can be more prepared to take a class to learn the advance stuff. Because i hate taking intro class cause i always find that we are moving at incredible slow pace or the pace is to fast. I'm either bored or really confused.

Or even worst they have a teacher that dosn't know the material to well. I taught one of the proffesors aftereffects while i was in his class.


#1 - MiniDV is the tape... DV SP is the recording mode you use on the tape... you have "SP" = "Standard Play" and "EP" = "Extended Play"... and yes, you're right... always use SP mode on your camcorder/deck.

*side note that you want to be picky about the tape stock you buy... best MiniDV tape by far is manufactured by Sony... Specifically, find their professional grade tapes... they may run you 8 to 12 dollars a pop (40 min tapes)... but their durrability & quality are beyond compare in my experience. PM or E-mail me for places to buy good tape.

#2 - If you have no timecode breaks... just go through your tape and log it... setting "IN" and "OUT" points... then hitting the "LOG CLIP" button in the capture window... when you've gone through the tape logging 5 to 15 minute clips... (five is better... but 15 is do-able)... you exit the capture window... you'll see a list of clips in your bin... select all those clips (the logged but not captured ones have the "OFF-LINE" slash through them)... and go the the menu bar... in one of the menu's (file, edit, etc.) you will find a "batch capture" option... select that... it will open a window asking you if you want to capture all those clips...
tell it yes... and you'll want to add several frames to the end of each capture segment... you'll see it all in this window.

***If this one still confuses you... e-mail me, PM me... or feel free to give me a call... and we can work this operation out for you.***

#3 - You can rewind to watch the footage... but I would recommend just capturing it and then watching the files in the computer after it's captured... DV tape isn't that durrable, and it's more an issue of damaging the information on the tape than recording over them...

Side note... NEVER re-use a used DV tape... recycling them to record over them again is never a good option... they may be cheap in stores... but they're basically one-time-use tapes... I've seen it work... but even the manufacturer would recommend against this.

#4 - FCP isn't really "GOD"... it's primarily an editing suite...
AVID NITRIS... in the editors world, is as close to a "GOD" machine as you'll get... especially with the entire avid package enclosed with it... great FX... great Audio... great Editing.

As for pre-rendering... if you don't have enough ram... you wont be able to... to do this though, you need to put your timeline's RT playback mode into "Unlimited" instead of "Safe".

#5 - bitrate, I'm assuming this pertains to DVD Studio Pro (DVD SP)... That would be in your properties or settings menu... the exact title eludes me at this moment, and my mac is off... resting...
anyhow... it'll be on the last tab of that menu... you'll have an option to choose the way it looks at the info & number of passes it makes... as well as choosing the bitrate...
I like a Two Pass VBR set between 5 and 7.8
Sometimes I set the low number higher... but this allows for greater program freedom... and it's never let me down yet.

#6 - All american made/bought TV's are NTSC... To connect the TV... you need to hook it upto the deck you use to import footage...
the deck must be on & connected at all times...
and you must enable "VIDEO OUTPUT" in your FCP video/audio settings. Tell it to go through the firewire device connected... the deck you use... and it'll play back out to that through the TV.
If you're interested in the TV "safe area" there are options in your canvas window to turn on the TV & Title Safe areas on.

As for your experiences in class... I've been there too.
Honestly, I'd recommend taking the "beginner" class.. because that's all you really need with editing... anything "advanced" that you want to learn how to do in FCP or Avid, you can easily teach yourself...
when you're in a beginners class... you can always learn the basics... and as you get ahead of the class you can use your extra time to just play around with the program and begin teaching yourself the more advanced tools... like the time ramping tools, color correction tools, etc.

I too have had terribly stupid teachers who belonged in a seat when I should have been up front... it's just something we have to deal with in this country (saddly)... one of the negative effects of Unions on education.

Best of luck & keep the questions coming!


Thanks alot, i totally undertand what you meant by log clip.

And i'm surprised that you said it isn't a good idea to reuse DV because i thought the whole advantage of digital was the ability to reuse.

There was one time i was recording over something and i got this image break between the old and new footage.

Anyway i think you answered all my questions so far in both threads. In my head i have a mental strategy of how i can approach this till the end.

i just need to practice. And since i know the technically side now i gotta alot of work to do for the creative side. Because anyone can push buttons.

Oh yea i do have two

1. how do you create titles, i know ic an just create a jpeg using photoshop and just import it in. but is there a way to do it inside.

2. i'll probably look in the manuel but do you have a link of all the shortcut buttons.

Also is AVID for the MAC? i dont think so, its for PC right?

thanks alot



#1 - In the bottom right hand side of the VIEWER (not CANVAS) monitor is a tool that if you left click once, or hold the click, it'll open the menu and you'll see where the title options are...
The 3D titles are best... as that will open up the BORIS Titleing program... one of the best additions to FCP 4.0.

#2 - Shortcuts... there should be a shortcut guide that came with your copy of FCP... otherwise, if you go through the menu options to find the keyboard remaping tool, it'll show you all the shortcuts...
that's the best I've got.

As for AVID.
Their higher end material is PC only... and amazingly makes the dual 2.0ghz mac I've got look like a slug.
Their lower end stuff... still amazing and a bit ahead of FCP... is both platforms... so if you go for Aivd Xpress Pro... then you'll work out just fine...
However, to get full performance, you need to get the mojo break-out box... and that makes the Xpress Pro much more expensive than FCP... several grand infact.

Best of Luck...
You're right... editing is for anyone who can push a button...
Good editing is for the few, the proud, the ones with an eye for the cut.

I recommend to everyone... especially those editing bound... to buy the book "In The Blink of an Eye" by Walter Murch ACE. Brilliant book that helps you to understand an amazing way of editing... by knowing when not to cut instead of when to cut.


my friend who is learning to be an editor says avid recommended setting is 2 gigs of RAM. Wow. I have 1.25 gigs of ram and i thought i was cool.


That's true...
and the more ram the better
(way to state the obvious... eh?)

Myself, I run a sad 1 gig of ram on my FCP station... someday if/when I can afford to, I would love to expand that to the full 8 gig potential... but that's just impossible at the moment.


Okay i been playing around, and i finally got an idea. I have lots of footage of my baby brother from about 1 month to almost 1.5 years old. And watching the footage it was cool seeing how at what time he was struggling to get up or walk and now he can climb everything and walk around with ease. And talk now to.

so i was going to cut back and forth or fade or whatever to like when he was struggling to walk and now he can walk sort of thing. And i can have on the bottom of the screen how old he is with each new screen entry.

anyway my question

1. there must be a way that i can add like notes to each of the clips i divided right? i'm probably not the first one to say hmm i wish i could add notes onto each clip i divided. CAuse "arin 08" was divided three times i can't write on a peice of paper arin 08 he was this months old cause there are three of them.


Yes... if you expand the Bin's "View" options to include notes & other things... you can actually type in notes for each different clip.

Sorry I'm not very descriptive today... I need to lie down.


DerekEastham said:
Yes... if you expand the Bin's "View" options to include notes & other things... you can actually type in notes for each different clip.

Sorry I'm not very descriptive today... I need to lie down.
but i want to put notes on the clips i divided in the timeline....

and you dont need to apologize your the only one answering mmy questions, and i prefer you type as short as possible so you wont get tired.


what you want to do is impossible...


you create those clips as "subclips" or export them as new video's.

Subclipping can be done in the viewer... look through the menu options.

Creating a new video clip is as easy as dragging the clip to the bin, right clicking it or holding control & clicking it... then selecting export: QuickTime Movie (or FCP Movie).
Then, re-import this clip from where you exported it to... then you can add comments.

Good luck


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derek...you are a bada$$. you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of editing...if youre ever in nyc...you MUST come speak at a workshop or something ok?? ;)

and im picking up that book today. "in the blink..."