Favorite Actors??


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I came across an actor named Delroy Lindo in the the movie Wondrous Oblivion. I thought he was a way better then some of the A list Hollywood actors out there. Has anyone seen the movie yet? Well one of my co-workers at UMGD gave me a copy last week. Anyone interested in indie films should really watch it...there is a lot to learn from Wondrous Oblivion. It comes out March 20 and you can check out this link for more info.


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If you ask me Samuel L. Jackson is my favorite. No matter what kind of character he takes he acts so well. Now I am under training on acting at "Studio V 4 Arts” our local Ventura acting school.


not Actress?
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Scarlett Johansson (she's hot!), Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman