Fall Never Ends Season One Finale

Hey guys! We finally made it to the season one finale of Fall Never Ends! I've had a lot of fun making this series and I couldn't have stayed motivated without all your support. So thank you! Next season will be even better with new character designs and better storytelling. Subscribe for updates on when season two will be released.

Fall Never Ends follows 17 year old Blake Carter and the troubled new transfer student Do-Hyun Jong. Blake serves as the model student, being senior class president and being at the top of his class. Haunted by his past, Do-Hyun struggles to readjust going back to high school after being held back a year after last years "incident". Can the two mesh together before they graduate? Or are they too different that they will drive each other apart?

In the omega-verse world, society is separated into three sub classes. First is the Alpha, the top dog in society. They are very possessive of their omegas and protective in general. They go into a rut when they are ready to mate. Alphas can bond with omegas by biting them on their nape. Next is the Beta class. They're your average Joe. They can't sense alpha and omega pheromones. They make up a majority of society. Last are the omegas. Omegas are males that can get pregnant by Alphas. Omegas can be induced into heat by an Alpha's pheromones. Out of the population, only 30% are omegas.