Fairy swing


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Tjirpie's dream space where she writes all her songs, needed something arty and dreamy.

Mmmmmmm.... what, I wondered, would look dreamy and arty?

And she needs something interesting behind her head too in the close-ups of her face when she's in her song composing room.

A shelf? With ornaments?

Yes. The ornaments should be fairies.

And the shelf should not be a shelf. It should look like it was made in the forest or something.

In the end I decided on a fairy swing.

My good friend Waldi is a magician with this sort of thing. Tell him what to make, and he comes back and say that trusty phraze, "Is this more or less what you had in mind?", holding up what you had in mind, or better.

So, we put it up in Tjirpie's dream room, slapped the fairies onto it and viola! A fairy swing that goes perfect with the character, the scene, and the feel of the story.

Looks perfect! So simple yet so spot-on.

So now we know what a fairy swing looks like.
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