Extras Needed for Feature Film! - Central California

Lisa Talley

New member
BLARE Media's highly anticipated comedy feature film, Brick MADNESS, will be shooting their final scenes next week: August 21st - 23rd in Fresno, CA. They are calling in any and all people interested in being extras for these big scenes! If you are in the Central California area and are interested in becoming part of Fresno/Fowler history please email: BrickMadnessMovie@gmail.com

Brick MADNESS EXTRAS words.jpgBrick MADNESS EXTRAS flow.jpg


We'd love to have you!!!!
We'll be having raffles for all sorts of gift certificates and prizes!

Q- Is this Legit?
A- Yes. We are one of the most experienced production companies in the valley, with over ten films under our belt and counting.

Q- What will I do?
A- You will help us make our fake competition realistic by being an audience member or even a competitor! You could be standing, sitting, clapping, or walking around in the background or even making friends.

Again, we'd love to have you and would certainly appreciate your help.