Extend your laptop screen for Pro Tools and other editing

Like many of us, sometimes we are forced to use our laptops for audio or video editing. Even though I have a 17" screen on my ACER, it is not full HD resolution, falling somewhat short in the vertical dimensions. And, one small screen does not offer enough real estate for any serious editing! What I have done is to add a couple more monitors to the setup. I found a 28" full HD computer monitor on sale because it lacked speakers and lacked HDMI input (only offered VGA/DVI). Guess what? DVI is HDMI without the audio! You can purchase an HDMI to DVI connector cable for just a few bucks. I also salvaged an older 25" monitor from a defunct editing system, slightly shy of full HD. By connecting the good monitor to my laptop HDMI port, and the other monitor to my VGA port -- I am able to set my laptop's output to extend the desktop across three screens! HDMI, VGA, and the laptop's built-in. With Pro Tools, note that you first have to drag the main window all the way across all three screens before it will let you re-position the (internal) windows such as the Edit, Mix, and Video past the boundaries of your first monitor.