Experienced composer seeking to expand his portfolio!


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Hey there fellow filmmakers!

I've been composing music of all kinds of various styles for almost 15 years and now I'm aiming to do the leap to go pro and specialize in soundtracking. I've had experience with a wide variety of styles from purely electronic (house, d'n'b) to ambient (dark, toytronica, etc) to ethnic to orchestral and solo piano. You can listen to various tracks in my portfolio (which is geared specifically towards soundtrack music). As far as styles go - I'm open to any new kinds of challenges: I have the possibility of recording live (apart from vocals) and I'm equipped with top end sample libraries for high quality work.

Be sure to also catch music in other styles in the Listen To Music section!

I haven't scored any films yet as such, but I am a third year film student (age 27) specializing in directing, so I have the neccessary skills and experience to do things like dramatic scene analysis and I'm familiar with all the conventions and tricks to make music working for the film and not against it.

I won't be asking for any compensation unless the film is bound for a box office surplus as I'm really aiming to find a few projects to add to my portfolio. I'm really looking for shorts at this time.

In any case - if you have a baby that needs some "aural nurturing", don't be afraid to let me know! :)

Contact me at: aesthetic [dot] gm [_at_] gmail [dot] com