Existing Site Will HELP YOU! Help me help us all!


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Filmmakers: Would you be interested in knowing what the viewing public wants to see when they go to the movies? Do you want free information and resources?
My website, BetterFlicks.com will be able to tell you, How can you help me (and yourself) by making this a reality? Respond (not here!) to my first question (about the viewing public) via my website with an answer of "Yes.”
I need to prove to investors of the viability of this idea. Don’t expect that other film person to tell my yay or nay – how else is anyone going to know how many film people would want this information? Deferrals mean failure.
Such information would obviously be a great benefit to all of us, and the viewing public – a group to which we all belong.
How much would you be willing to pay for information? BF.com is the only website that would provide specific information before the idea for a film even comes to you, and obviously before production.
Moviegoers! Would you be interested in seeing better movies? Would you like to tell filmmakers, producers, and the studios what you want to see when you go to the movies? You’d tell me, and I’d tell them. Would you like me to try and convince exhibitors that they should give you discounts for telling me what you want to see, and every filmmaker.

Louis Menchise