everything I should know before starting



Some friends and I are wanting to make proffessional looking movies on a small home budget. What is everything I should know before starting?
We are looking for a camera that shoots in 720p hi-def with 24fps. (~$2000)

We are aming to shoot video like this-
you don't have to watch the whole vid, but i'm wanting to know the best way of doing that kind of shooting. What about those pocket hi-def cams that record to flash? Are they any good for shooting something like that?

I have a few old cameras like the Canon ES870 that records to 8mm tape. Is there some way to drop the framerate down to 24 on that cam? If not, what about in a pro video editor without making it look choppy.

Bob Kessler

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Like most beginning filmmakers you have forgotten about SOUND.

As an audio post editor/sound designer I see/hear it all of the time. Production is complete, the first edit is done, and then comes the "Oh nuts" moment; it sounds like garbage.

It can be very expensive to fix audio problems. It's much easier and cheaper to prevent the problem in the first place.

Check out my blog about production sound here:


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