Entering a human body with the camera


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Dear Mr.Mullen
I´m shooting a shortfilm soon and need some help, please!
We tell the story of a couple going from outside their bodies to the inside, seeing their reactions to emotions as we travel through the heart, veins, stomach....and we go outside again. We enter the body through the ear, mouth, navel, and go out...

We have only long and slow movements of steadicam and two shot of hothead.
Inside the body we will see CGI images. I just had a few doubts.....Have you ever done something similar? I was thinking about using macros to go from a wide shot as close as we can to the body (real image), then maybe getting closer with a micro-cam (any suggestions and models?), morph this two shots and CGI.
Am I going in the right way? Any help will be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance and congratulations for this forum!
Daniel Sosa.