Effects...How did they do that on the airline commercials?


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For example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ExRg8aQ5PM
Many airlines tv commercial show a flying plane mid air from different angles. Did they use a helicopter to film it? And for the above example, did they really hire a stuntman and use a helicopter to place the drum and the man on the tip of the mountains or buildings? That feels quite scary and unsafe...
And for the example above, did they use a small toy model of the plane so they can overlay ribbons around the plane? I can sense that airline tv commercials are easy on the eyes, interesting to watch, but every second of it comes from technique and hard work.


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As far as I know, a helicopter is used for low-speed shots. Many of them have remote control cameras on gyro-stabilized mounts, so the airframe vibration is minimized