EENDAG: The Stranger - The absolute most fantastic script


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[FONT=verdana,arial][SIZE=-1]Oh, hello!

You know sometimes in a blue moon when you can just sit down and start writing, and the most absolutely sheer brilliant piece of work just pour right out of you?

Well I just had that. I just now finished writing the script for the 3rd DVD of EENDAG: The Stranger, and it came out so beautiful and dialoguical perfect, it was pure bliss from start to finish. The high just never stopped.

It didn't feel like labour at all. In fact, there was still so much brilliance that could be added to it, but we'll add just enough this time around for time constraint's sake.

Well, now I'm gonna go print this fantastic script. Good gramma it's good! Yeah.

Just thought you might want to know it's brilliant. Thank you to God and all involved in making it come out so fantastic.

Now if the moviemaking part of it results in something just as fantastic, this will be a masterpiece of divine proportions. I like the latter such masterpieces. [/SIZE][/FONT]