Editing on a LAPTOP


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I am thinking about buying a Dell laptop with 2 GHZ processor. Will that be enough power to edit without getting jumpy video playback?

Jody Mortimer
Miami Beach

Tim Kolb

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The processor alone doesn't determine this...

If you are referring to editing DV, the processor should be fine, but you also want it loaded with RAM and you would need a 7200rpm internal drive to get DV playback without framedrops...also when previewing an unrendered effect, you may not make framerate.


HD speed is a huge factor in editing on a laptop cuz laptop HD's tend to be slower. avoid 4200rpms like the plague. 5400 is doable but you'll complain. 7200 or 10,000 even are best. but they'll grow hot. see how much cache you can get on it...8 or 16 mb cache will make you soooo happy..(now you gotta worry about heat and battery power!) have fun.

alternatively, you can get an external firewire or usb2 drive to store all your video footage. That'll improve performance above a 54000 rpm (laptop standard) HD..but I think it won't top the 7200 and 10K speeds...mc