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Just thought I'd query everybody and see what their different methods of editing are. I'm currently re-writing one of my features for something like the bajillionth time. Thoughts and/or ideas? Because, as all good writers know, the great writing is not in the writing, it's in the re-writing.


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I just re-read the entire script, making sure there are no typos. Then I double check by readng it backwards. It works, since all you're seeing is the words, and not trying to make sense of them.

Next, I say the dialogue outloud. While I'm walking my dog, I try to think of different ways to say something. And then I do a scene breakdown, figuring out which scenes don't belong, and which do. If I loose a lot of pages with deleting some unnecessary scenes, I write some more in a separate document, and then paste it in.

Finally, I go through my thesaurus to se if there are any other ways to say something in my action. Hope that helps!