EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! Behind the scenes discussion


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And now, I'm going to shake things up a bit with my latest movie "EENDAG: Earthquake!". Watch the damn thing. I beg you. It'll only take 6 minutes.

And then, come partake in this discussion.

Director's comments:

Q: So, why on earth an earthquake?

A: Well we needed some more calamities in our story, because of a revelation that will be made later. We've already had a fire. Which was quite a task to film. Overbudget, overschedule it was. If we had a budget and a rigorous schedule anyway. So now, we needed something else that was also impressive but that was easy to do.

The earthquake seemed much easier on paper because you just shake the camera. Right?

Well turned out there's more to it. Some things had to be sacrificed. I'm sad about that. Some very beautiful props got damaged and smashed and some were not intended to.

But, as I always say, to make an omlet, you've got to break the egg. Can't just put the egg all nicely with it's shell intact into the pan. That might cause it to burst and kill someone. Just break the damn thing and eat your egg and shut up. Console yourself with the phraze, "it's building muscle".

So it is for eating eggs anyway. As for making a film, sometimes things break. Get over it. It's not like things aren't replacable. Even 5,000 year old antiques can be remade. Just make something new that will last 5,000 years. Viola!

Q: Anything else you would like to tell the viewers?

A: Yeah. Please note not everything in our story is followable, necessarily.

For example, during the earthquake, our characters hide underneath a grand piano and are saved from falling things that way. The piano shields them.

Now please note that a piano probably could fall off it's legs. Or its legs could give in, if too much debris fall onto it and the weight starts getting too much for the piano's legs.

So, I'm not saying everybody should jump underneath a grand piano in case of an earthquake.

Also, for the kids, don't climb up electric pylons like Kevin. He did say "I know it's very dangerous". Take heed.

Now I'm gonna go drink out of my Pac-Man mug.

Q: What's your favorite food?

A: Eggs and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Q: Ok thank you. I'm out of questions for now.

A: Then go away and give someone else a chance.

Q: Fine. I'll go drink out of my Pac-Man mug.

A: Haa haa, Neeeeeeeeeeeeerd! Enjoy!