Down Converting 1080/30p to 720/24pA


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Hello. I recently was shooting some pick up shots for a feature film we shot with the Panasonic HVX-200 I accidentaly shot in 1080 and at 30 frames a second. I was wondering if there is anyway to down convert the footage and make it what we shot the rest of the film which was 720/24pa. I have access to both premiere and Final Cut studio 2. My editor is using Premiere
Thanks in advance for your help


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i don't know about downconverting, but if you want to change it from 30 to 24 fps, you're going to need a program/plugin like magic bullet.


Actually, the two should mix quite well in any NLE. To correct, there is not 720/24pA in the HVX200, it's straight 720/24p, the "Advanced" part is there permanently.

To convert, either QTPro or Compressor will do an excellent job. I work with DVCPRO-HD and the HVX200 daily. You don't need anything else to make the conversion. But personally, I'd just drop that 1080 into my 720 timeline and edit away.