Does anyone know of good film schools


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Um... NYFA?

Um... NYFA?

No one is stating the obvious!! NYFA has a damn good program and amazing professors, not to mention equipment, i could go on for hours. NYFA dude!


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Re: Does anyone know of good film schools

jw003 said:
I am looking for a good film college to go to. I am looking at private colleges where your grades dont have to be great. I am particularly hoping to go into directing and would like to go to a school that is known for being good in that area. If anyone knows of any that I should look into please let me know. Thanks.

If you take screen writing classes thats o.k. , but don't go specifically to learn how to make films or your be making films the way everybody else does. if you want to go to a good film school go to google and type in "Ten Minute Film School" It'll teach you all you need to know. Go write a screenplay then get what ever kind of camera you have even if it is a cheap movie camera then shoot it.